My One Direction Experience
"To that recent anon, I met one direction and i chose to stand next to harry. I am 5'7 and he was a good couple of inches taller than me so i also think he is tall. lol"
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"When I met him he gave me a hug and literally my head was against the middle of his chest :') I'm really short like about 5'2, 5'3 so yeah he's pretty tall. If you look at it this way, in picture of him and Taylor he,s taller than her and she's like 5'11 I believe so he's probably 6'2ish now .xx"
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"I was wondering if people who have met harry think he was tall? xx"
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When I saw him I wasn’t directly next to him, but I’m almost positive he was taller than me, and I’m about 5’6 which is quite tall for a girl, but anyone else who can actually let anon know? 

Ridin' Dirty
Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone
The Sound of Revenge




This is horrendously perfect it’s even on the beat oh lord someone stop me

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My story! I would be so happy if others got to read it :)


"I flew from Ireland to Birmingham in 2008 when I was fourteen to audition for the X Factor (2008 was the year they allowed people fourteen and over to audition, so I went). It was a really long wait, like five hours and my feet were killing me, so I sat on the ground. I heard someone say something to me and I looked up and said “Huh?” and it was Liam, he asked me if I was alright because I was sitting on the ground and I told him that I was fine and we laughed about the long wait and whatnot. We had a nice long chat to kill the time, he asked me where I was from and that my accent was cool. I shared my sweets with him and he gave me a tuna sandwich. At the time, I had no idea that so many years later, I was talking to a member of One Direction!"

"If you asked for there number do you think they would not like you?"
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In general? I don’t think they would hate you for asking, but they probably wouldn’t give it out to someone unless they had chilled with them for a bit :)

my m&g with one direction


Hey everybody, so if you have been on my blog or seen my posts you might have seen that I have met One Direction, so I thought I would make a post on how the whole thing went :)

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#there’s a part in moments where harry is meant to sing backup vocals#it’s during niall’s solo so you don’t hear it much but there’s a live recording of it where harry is most audible#and i swear it’s like one of the best things i’ve ever heard from him#the very first time i heard it i was caught by surprise i mean i felt a little bad that you couldn’t hear niall#but harry just sounded so good and you could hear the evolution in his voice as he sang and it was so great#his vibrato is possibly the most angelic sound to touch my ears in a long time#i actually feel like i can sit down and listen to that one part over and over again and i have because it just that good#don’t want to be reminded - don’t want to be seen kills me#it legitimately makes my stomach twist and turn because i can feel his sadness#i can feel all the troubles he’s been through coming back to him in a single span of 5 seconds#i can almost see him before me#maybe he closes his eyes as he sings door and key#and his eyebrows furrow and the lines at the corner crinkle as a result of his pure concentration#and his heart beats rhythmically with every other strum of the acoustic that travels in the background#my judgement’s clouded and he opens his eyes#this is it harry all or nothing your fans are waiting for you - your mates are right there with you - and you can picture the man of your dreams smiling as you sing

im feeling a feeling ive never felt before and i don’t know if i want to jump off a building or lay down

Okay I just had to omg.

Omg you are a joke Nickelodeon.. 

Omg you are a joke Nickelodeon..